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Fire Doors & Solid Core Doors
Project TypeNew Fire Doors, Solid Core Doors and Hardware Fit Off.
Project LocationQantas Drive, Queensland.

Fire Doors & Solid Core Doors Fitout Brisbane

Bishop Built recently undertook a comprehensive fit-out project in Brisbane, focusing on the installation of fire doors and solid core doors, alongside the installation of new bathrooms. This project underscores Bishop Built’s commitment to enhancing safety without compromising on style and functionality.

The installation of fire doors was meticulously planned and executed, ensuring each door not only met but exceeded safety standards. These doors are crucial in providing peace of mind, knowing they are safeguarded against the spread of fire. Bishop Built’s expertise allowed for the seamless integration of these safety features into the property’s design, maintaining aesthetic appeal while ensuring compliance with all regulations.

Solid core doors were chosen for their superior sound insulation and durability, offering privacy and a sense of solidity to the interiors. Each door was carefully selected to complement the interior design, blending seamlessly with the overall aesthetic.

The new bathrooms brought a fresh, modern look to the property. Bishop Built employed high-quality materials and contemporary designs to transform these spaces into luxurious and functional areas, enhancing the overall value and appeal of the property.

This project in Brisbane is a testament to Bishop Built’s ability to combine critical safety features with sophisticated design, ensuring every aspect of the fit-out meets their high standards of quality and elegance.

Fire Doors & Solid Core Doors

Build Features and Highlights

  • New Fire Doors
  • Solid Core Doors
  • External Stainless Steel Doors (Hung)
  • Hardware Installed

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