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Bishop Built Office Fit Out
Project TypeFull Office Fit-Out
LocationBrisbane, Queensland.

Comprehensive Office Fit-Out for ATRIO

Bishop Built recently undertook a comprehensive office fit-out, showcasing their expertise and attention to detail in creating modern and functional workspaces. The project ATRIO Office Fit Out included a series of carefully considered enhancements and installations designed to elevate the office’s aesthetics and functionality.

Central to the redesign was the construction of new partition walls, creating distinct areas within the office while maintaining an open and fluid layout. Oak joinery featured prominently throughout the space, from the reception seating—complemented by upholstered cushions—to the kitchen, boardroom, printing station, and even planter boxes, infusing warmth and a natural touch to the environment.

A striking pivot door, glazed with Danpalon sheeting, led into the corridor, blending seamlessly with the office’s contemporary design. This was accompanied by a comprehensive update to the lighting and electrical systems, including the addition of a state-of-the-art conference centre in the boardroom, enhancing both the ambiance and functionality of the space.

The office’s aesthetic appeal was further amplified by a meticulously laser-cut wall sign bearing the name “ATRIO,” an exposed brick wall that added character and texture, and the installation of durable and stylish commercial flooring. This included natural stone sheet vinyl and Shaw Carpet tiles, chosen for their durability and visual appeal.

Brisbane aluminium skirting boards lined the office’s perimeter, matched by splashback tiles in Ceppo Stone porcelain ivory Terrazzo look, lending an elegant and cohesive look to the space. The entrance boasted a 200mm polished rose gold entry pull handle on the corridor pivot door, a feature that underscored the office’s sophisticated design palette.

Additionally, an acoustic private call room was constructed, complete with a door and Lorient door seals, offering privacy and sound insulation. The inclusion of grid ceilings and a fresh coat of paint throughout the office finalized the transformation, leaving a modern, inviting, and highly functional workspace that reflects Bishop Bulit’s commitment to excellence and innovation in building design.

Bishop Built Office Fit Out

Build Features and Highlights

  • New Partition Walls 
  • Exposed Brick Wall
  • Doors and Hardware
  • Planter Boxes 
  • Commercial Flooring
  • Brisbane Aluminium Skirting Boards 
  • Splashback Tiles Ceppo Stone Porcelain Ivory
  • New Lighting and Electrical

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